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because i have nothing to talk about

A- Age of 1st real kiss: pfft none count for real. except that one at camp but HONESTLY.
B- Band you are listing to right now: socratic
C- Crush: mr. brown (true dat), dan. i think.
D- Dad's name: weston
E- Easiest person to talk to: bee or sarah
F- Favorite ice cream: this rasberry one from soy dream
G- Gummy worms or gummy bears: wormmmmmms
H- Hometown: london
I- Instruments: gee-tar
J- Junior high: petty
K- Kids: pfft. at my age: safe sex.
L- Love, are you in it?: noooooo (duh)
M- Mom's name: shirine
N- Nicknames: blazing eagle, lex, lexie pie, mudabubbah
O- One wish: to make indie babies with a certain someone
P- Phobia[s]: masks, my feet being uncovered in bed
Q- Quote: "in that moment, i swear we were infinite", "i was talking to a flying trumpet", "let's play this game called 'when you catch fire' i wouldn't piss to put you out. stop burning bridges and just drive off of them so i can forget about you" or "don't take away the innocence of the septum"
R- Reason to smile: so many things. fate. joy. sorrow. unexpected money in pockets. wishes. chemestry. bill maher.
S- Sex, are you a virgin?: my god.
T- Time you woke up today: 6:50something
U- Unknown fact about me: i have only cleaned my belly button once. with silly putty.
V- Vegetable(s): greeeeeeeeeen beannnnnnnnnnnnnnns. lettuce, corn, cucumber, potatoes, celery, bell peppers (i eat those damn things like candy)
W- Worst habit: biting my nails
X- X-rays you've had: teeth, nose, ankle, wrist, back, knee
Y- Your least favorite person as of right now: sara mother fucking jones
Z- Zodiac sign: taurussss

something more meaningful later, i promise
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